3D Multi Angle Measuring Ruler

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Make precise and accurate markings effortlessly! 

Measure, mark, and create layouts precisely and accurately with this 3D Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler! Built with an innovative & variety of marking lines for parallel & perpendicular surfaces, together with drill gauges which can significantly improve working efficiency and saves time!


Precise & Accurate 
The rectangular geometry provides a precise marking around corners. Ideal for transferring miter angles onto two sides of a workpiece. 

Wide Angle Scale
Scale for free angles ranges from 0° to 90°, get everything's done easily. 

Multiple Usage
Use it for special angles/shapes for carpentry, bore positioning, 3D miter, layouts, brickwork, flooring, roofing, tiles, and so much more. 
Integrated Guided Scales

Premium Quality
This tool is made of high-quality ABS Plastic, ensures quality and long-lasting services.


Material: ABS Plastic 
Color: Black 


  • 3D Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler