5 Essential Pastry Tools

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Level up your pastry baking skills now!
If you’re a beginner baker who’s just starting out or a master chef looking to declutter, these are your baking must-haves! All these will make baking easier and even fun! 
Easily decoratecreative cake that will make you be proud of! Express your artistic side, make preparation faster and convenient with this inventive set of pastry tools.


◼ CAKE SLICER LEVELER: adjustable 5-layer lever allows you to cut through the cake in a very even and easy manner. You can effortlessly adjust it to your own preference.
◼ ADJUSTABLE CAKE SCRAPER: evens out the icing, frostings, ganache, and many more! You can adjust the height of the spatula to cater to your cake size.

◼ ARTISTIC PASTRY NOZZLES SET: create beautiful floral frosting designs made with the various nozzles. 
◼ EASY ROSE CUTTER: craft your own rosebud cake decoration with the help of this easy to use rose template cutter.
Dragéekíss PEARL APPLICATOR: add a touch of elegance to your cake design by adding pearls on top or at the sides of your cake, making the process up to 90% quicker than manually doing it by hand.
◼ COMPLETE 5-TOOL SET: the set includes all the tools that you need in order to create professionally-made cake decorations, including a 5-layer lever, adjustable cake spatula, multi-purpose rose cutter, pastry nozzles set, and pearl applicator.


  • Cake Slicer Levelers: 2 pcs
  • Adjustable Cake Scraper: 1 pc
  • Artistic Pastry Nozzles Set: 8 x Pastry Nozzles
  • Easy Rose Cutter: 3 pc (different sizes)
  • Dragee Applicator: 1 pc
  • Full set: all of the above