5 Second Fix

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Fix, Fill & Seal anything in 5 seconds!

There are several occasions where things break, and you resort to throwing them away. Thanks to 5 Second Fix, you can repair & restore your broken items to proper standards!
This fixes almost everything both at home or at work. It works by creating a bond after getting exposed to UV light. Besides, the bonds are everlasting, and there is no risk of weak bonds.
It is also a relief that it does not leave a trace after drying. You can use it to bond materials like glass, and the bonded area will remain unnoticeable since it dries clear.


  • Fast & Easy Repairs: The glue works within 5 seconds of application, which makes it one of the fastest drying adhesives.

  • Crystal Clear Bond: does not leave a trace after drying; You do not have to scratch glue on the bonded surfaces for it to look good.

  • Liquid Plastic Welding Compound: only dries when it gets exposed to the UV LED light, making it easy to reposition the item before you create a permanent bond.

  • Long-Lasting Bonds: it is heat and water-resistant.

  • Work on Any Material: You can apply this glue to fiberglass, wood, metal, aluminum, and many more.


Size: 13.5cm x  2.6 cm


1 x 5 Second Fix