Detachable Heel Straps

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Constantly dealing with your shoes slipping off your feet? Worry no more and wear them with Detachable Heel Straps to keep them in place!
Finally have the chance to wear that pair you've been keeping inside your wardrobe that always seem so loose! With these versatile straps, you don't have to compromise style or comfort.
You can re-invent your old heels because these will look great and blends well with any look! Walk comfortably and avoid that awkward Cinderella-moment during busy days!



✔ Removable & Practical Straps: Keeps the heels in place. You can wear and remove the straps any time you want. A single pair can be used on many different shoes.
✔ Highly Stretchable: Made with super elastic material but very comfortable for long wears and won't strain your feet.
✔ Easy to Wear: They're not difficult to attach and remove, so you don’t have to worry about getting a complicated strap when you’re out in a hurry.
✔ Universal and Stylish: Compatible with almost any type of heels and color! Still look good with your shoe straps!
✔ Walk Safely and Comfortably: You don't need to suffer constant slipping and accidents especially when you're in a hurry. Have a blister free and more comfortable walk!


Material: polyester
2 cm
Black, pink, beige, white, red, light gray, dark gray, brown, green, dark blue


1 or 2 pairs x Detachable Heel Straps