Pet Teeth Cleaning Set

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Improve your fur babies' oral health with our Pet Teeth Cleaning Pen!
This is an easy on-the-go fresh breath solution. It’s a must-have for every pet owner to boost overall oral care, adding years to a pet’s life.
In every streak, it effectively cleans the gums, promoting healthy tissue and a clean smile. No more bad kitty and puppy breath!


  • All-Day Pet Fresh Breath: with a fast-acting, patented formula that doesn't just mask bad pet breath but it also safely neutralize it at the source.

  • Strengthens Gums: Bad breath isn't always caused by what your pet eats. Most often, it is because of the bacteria living under their gums, which the cleaning pen targets and eliminates with each and every use.

  • Prevent Illness: When used daily and on a regular period, it helps prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis common in pets.

  • Pet-Friendly: Soft applicator tips make it painless and less stressful for your pet without causing discomfort.

  • Economical: No need to refill the pen with oil over and over again. With just a single drop every session, you can cleanse your dog’s entire mouth from stains and bacteria.

  • Safe for Cats and Dogs: The safest way to stop pet bad breath with no harsh chemicals & additives. We use only 100% non-toxic ingredients that matter to pets’ dental health.


1 x Pet Teeth Cleaning Set (5ml)