Square Hole Drill Bit

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Drills precise holes with little pressurematching the appropriate power of the square hole machine, you can play a square hole to meet the requirements.More convenient to use, turns your drill press into a mortising machine that produces clean, square cuts for your woodworking projects and many more.


Helps you create square holes effortlessly and perfectly.
The standard chip design facilitates the discharge of wood chips to improve drilling efficiency.
Time saving, prevents frustration of making inaccurate holes and saves your time as you complete your tasks.
Makes consistently clean cuts with smooth side walls.
Great use for renovation, construction, installation, decoration industry, etc.
Wide compatible for mortising machines and drill press attachments, whether it's manual or electric hand drills
Convenient to use, it removes waste through a chip ejection slot in the chisel.
Thoughtfully constructed from a high-quality and hardened material that is resistant to both heat and corrosion.


▪ Use a drill press to keep your drill bit perpendicular to the board when cutting mortise holes.
▪ Match the bit’s diameter with the width of the mortise hole
▪ If you don’t have a drill press, consider stepping down a size to allow for less precision.
▪ Beginning with each end of the hole, chisel inward from the ends.
▪ Upon finishing the ends, work your way towards the middle.
▪ The direction of the grain and hardness of the wood species will determine how easily chisel inserts into the lumber.
▪ Clean the inside of the mortise hole and smoothen out any high points by using a combination of sandpaper and wood files.
▪ Upon completing this step, your mortise hole will be ready for a dry fit.


Material: High-speed Steel
Hardness: HRC48-50
Drilling Core Length: 200mm
Size: 5/16 inch (8MM), 3/8 inch (9.5MM), 1/2 inch (12.7MM)


1x Square Hole Drill Bit