Waterproof Solder Wire Connectors

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Fix your wiring problems, effortlessly! Easily connect wires without any technical background using this Waterproof Solder Wire Connectors. Quick and easy to use. Just apply heat direct to connect or solder wires and seal with ease. Extremely safe for electrical works.Ideal tool for any electricians, even not professional. No need to struggles in your electrical problems!


Easy Operation
The transparent tube connector provide precise check when strip and insert wires is connected. 

High Resistance
Made from high quality material to ensure durability, and it can withstand any mechanical damage. 

Strong Hold
Tubing reduce in size when it melts and it will connect two wires, ensure holdings. High tensile strength provided by heat shrink tubing 

Widely Applicable
Perfect for marine and automobile and any outdoor applications. 


Material : Tinned Copper
Red Connector : Suit cable / Wire size 22-16 AWG 0.5-1.5 mm2
Blue Connector : Suit cable / Wire size 16-12 AWG 1.5-2.5 mm2
Yellow Connector : Suit cable / Wire size 12-10 AWG 4.0 mm2
White Connector : Suit cable / Wire size 26-24 AWG 0.25-0.34 mm2


Package 1 : 50pcs - White 10, Red 23, Blue 12, Yellow 5
Package 2 - 100pcs - White 5, Red 20, Blue 20, Yellow 5, Black 50
Package 3 -50pcs - White 5, Red 8, Blue 8, Yellow 5, Black 24
Package 4 - 50pcs - White 10, Red 23, Blue 12, Yellow 5