Wiggly Ping Cat Toy

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Satisfy cats' natural instincts along with fun and excitement. Wiggly Ping Cat Toy will stimulate their important survival skills like stalking, chasing, and trapping prey.
This toy brings together realistic "prey" movement, shape, and sound into an irresistible ball that challenges cats and kitties for hours.
Effectively remove boredom and invigorate their senses. Play is important to help keep feline pets healthy and happy especially when they're always indoors.



✔ Realistic Prey Movement: Corkscrew tail movement mimics "live" prey as the ball moves around.
✔ Purr-fect & Irresistible Toy: The tail is catnip-marinated that would make any cats go nuts and excited!
✔ Interactive & Intriguing: The toy rattles as it rolls, sounding like a "real" bug. Making it easy for cats to bat, chase, and pounce.
✔ High Quality & Safe: Designed by veterinary professionals and made with safe materials for felines. Durable and high quality for them to play non stop for hours!
✔ Stimulates their senses, survival skills, and helps them exercise!


Color: Random
Material: Plush, wood, metal.
Size: Approx 19.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm


1 or 2 pcs x Wiggly Ping Cat Toy